Do you wonder how the United Methodist Church both accomplishes so much good in the world and why certain frustrations continue to plague it?


This course in the United Methodist church's constitution, structure and systems, aka "polity," is a great experience for anyone who wants to know why and how.

Both the online version and the leader guide for use in local face to face classes were developed by Rev. Galbreath, so they're guaranteed to be the most fun you'll ever have in a class on church polity!


So go ahead - try it! I'm betting you'll actually enjoy it!


This class may be available at your local district Lay Academy, but only online at will you get Beth Galbreath as a teacher!


This class is scheduled over three weeks with Sundays and another day "off," but there is a lot to cover, including a textbook prescribed by the Lay Servant Ministries program. There are assignments for all 14 days, so you are strongly urged to buy - or borrow - the book and read it ahead of time -- class will be much easier. Beginning in August 2015 the text will be The Method of Our Mission by Laceye C. Warner.

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This class is approved United Methodist Lay Servant Ministries advanced courses. It's one of the core classes required for certification as a Lay Speaker in United Methodist Lay Servant Ministries.

Taking a class in this format provides the time needed to process the information, and disseminate it naturally. The discussions, diversity of viewpoints, and relationships that develop add something rarely experienced in a classroom setting generally limited by time constraints and content requirements.


I am new to the United Methodist Church, and a pastor’s wife. My profession has given me many skills that will naturally transfer to helping grow our church but my grounding in Methodism was limited. These classes have turned that around completely!


These classes are also the perfect vehicle to help existing Lay Servants suddenly faced with a heavy class load for re-certification, or to certify as a Lay Speaker.  The ability to deepen in the content and expand understanding in these topics, without disrupting a normal life of work and family is priceless.


The dialogue spurred in this format cannot be compared to a classroom setting. It is far superior, other than the fact it is not face to face. A classroom only allows for limited discussion, while this format invites conversation and discussion on every post. Sharing of resources and experiences are endless, something deeply valuable in a system such as UMC. Not to mention the new relationships that have been formed and will continue across the United States and the world! This is another highly valued and unexpected outcome.


Linda Ellwein, Spring 2013


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