Cover, Why Is Your Nose So Long and Pointy?

Why is your Nose so Long and Pointy?

A book about science, diversity and the love of God for all people.


On a trip to the Philippines, one of the young folks asked Rev. Galbreath, "Why is your nose so long and pointy? Why is your skin so white?"

What a great question! She tried to answer it as well as she could, and then came home and wrote this book for kids of all ages, with the help of science consultants Kurt and Kim Galbreath, nursing and cultural consultant Elsie Munar and illustrator Jeff Perricone. (Elsie and Jeff are Filipino; Kurt is a biology professor and Kim teaches science.)


8.5 x 11-inch format.

Hard cover, $45; soft cover, $35.

Back cover, Why Is Your Nose So Long and Pointy?


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