The Great Thanksgivings are shaped in the ancient trinitarian format, and can be used with your own preferred wording or music for congregational responses, and your own denomination's consecration of the elements. Slides (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 format) that can be copied and pasted into your own presentation software are also included for every liturgy, along with text documents that can be copied into your bulletin document (in both Microsoft Word 2007 and Adobe Acrobat formats) or into slides in your own format.


And, of course, it includes notes for the Biblical Storytelling team as they prepare to tell the texts!

The resource comes on 3 CD's, for year A, B, and C of the lectionary. The price is: $35 for one CD; $65 for two years, $90 for three. Shipping cost: $2 per CD. Email Beth Galbreath to order.

Bread and chalice

The Story and the Feast

The sacrament of Holy Communion is multisensory, interactive and powerful when it is celebrated with joy, quality, love and verve! It's a part of ancient-future worship and spiritual disciplines that the Protestant church is rediscovering. More and more churches are celebrating the sacrament weekly, at least in one service.


How, then, do we keep it fresh, meaningful, connected with the rest of the service, and full of joy and verve? The Story and the Feast is one answer.


It's a digital resource of Communion liturgy connected to the stories of Scripture in the Revised Common Lectionary. But non-lectionary churches can use it, too! It's a simple matter to look up the right entry using the online Scripture index at The Text This Week.


Each week's entry provides a confession and declaration of pardon and a Great Thanksgiving. There are multiple offerings where the lectionary has multiple story suggestions, and extra liturgies for special days of Lent-Holy Week, Christmas Eve, etc.

Online classes to deepen the practice of Holy Communion


Free help starting a Eucharistic Ministry (extending the Table to the absent)


Invite Rev. Galbreath to do a Communion workshop at your church


"Communion means so much more to me now!"      - just about everybody, every class


"I love the way the ritual [from the Story and the Feast] fits in with the scripture and all the rest of the service every week!"

                          - Carrie S., 2012



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